Emergency life line; community asset; or ugly liability?
What do you think?


The cashless public call box (PCB) in our village was used twice, yes just 2 times, in the past year to make calls according to BT. So they are asking for it to be removed or taken on by the village for other uses.

Boyton PC held an emergency public meeting last week to discuss, which none of the villagers attended, and they (we, including me) voted 3:2 in favour of it remaining a public phonebox.

With over 75% of the population now owning a mobile phone, and I suspect the vast majority of the rest having a landline, are PCB’s redundant? Or do they still provide a valuable service to the community, including non-residents, even if they are not used that often?

It was a close call for the Parish Council which could easily have gone the other way. But for now we have a stay of reprieve pending a further round of debate. So watch this space and let us know what you think before it could be gone for good thanks to the wonders of modern technology.

[For the record, whilst I work for BT and didn’t initially think it worth keeping, I changed my mind during the debate and felt it too important an issue to pass without a second reading for the residents to have a further opportunity to say otherwise]