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Having seen the roadside close up when cycling home to Boyton I noticed there is a LOT of rubbish on the road side from Sutton Hoo to our local villages. With the support from Boyton, Hollesley, Sutton Heath Parish Councils and Hollesley Bay we are organising this litter pick – probably one of the longest in Suffolk (if not the UK!?) if we manage to complete the full 8 miles – see google map for details.

To do so we need help from volunteers to do a pincer movement by four teams walking along the verge collecting rubbish, converging for a mass litter mountain at Upper Hollesley Common picnic site (and to receive a cream egg for your efforts).

Please register your participation and obtain further details by contacting either:

  • Andrew Cassy, overall coordinator & Boyton lead
  • Michael De May for the Sutton Heath stretch
  • Tony Baynard for the Hollesley stretch

Litter Pick Volunteers

Join us for our next Beachwatch litter pick which will this time focus on the area around Simpson’s Marsh – part way between Boyton Beach and Shingle Street.

2pm Saturday 14 April, leaving from Boyton Village Hall (or meet us down there about 2.30pm)

We can provide sacks, litter sticks and hoops. please come prepared with gloves and walking boots.

For further details contact Andy on 411720 or Keith Lilley at Bellfield.

(photo is our first litter pick back in 2009 as part of the annual Beachwatch event when we first adopted this stretch of estuary ‘beach’)

Can you help supply or source any of the following materials?

  • BRICKS – for a path
  • WOOD – for the notice board, the bench, raised beds and fencing posts
  • FINE GRAVEL – for the surface
  • CLEAN SOIL – for the herb beds
  • HERBS – common or rare varieties

Are you able to offer any of the following skills?


 Call Brenda 411203 or Ali 411717

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