And I am not talking about the new iPhone X.


An abundance of apples

There are over 600 varieties of apple, pear, cherry and berries across the globe according to the website and the directory pages on  Orange Pippin

With more than 220 known varieties in Suffolk as recorded by the East of England Apple Orchard Project (EEAOP)

There are only five named apple varieties documented as having Suffolk origins according to

Some of these may still exist today:

  • Beauty of Livermere, first recorded in 1896, of medium size, deep red conical apple with red tinged flesh from Bury;
  • Bradbury, recorded in 1934 and probably from Suffolk, medium sized green-skinned with brown stripes;
  • Emerline, a small second early seasons apple exhibited at the RHS in 1900 from Lowestoft;
  • Livermere Favourite, awarded an RHS Award of Merit in 1896 possibly raised by Mr Tallack of Bury St Edmunds. A medium sized greenish-yellow skinned ribbed and rectangular shaped apple, with stripes of dark red and greasy skin.  and;
  • Ruby, a mid-season apple which arose in Ipswich around 1899.

I’d be surprised if any of the above appeared in our collection for juicing. This year we produced over 60 pints of apple juice, shared amongst the local villagers who chopped, crushed, pressed and bottled.

Thanks again to WALGA (Waldringfield Allotment and Leisure Garden Association) for the hire of their apple press – very reasonable rate of £10 for the proper caboodle if you fancied having a go yourself.