Cheers from the first pressing

Cheers from the first pressing of vintage 2014

When I wer a lad, we naughtily scrumped apples from some of our neighbours – and occasionally got caught, literally red handed too, which quickly put me back on to the right path. This year we got permission to take them but I felt just as guilty, especially after removing a ‘barrow load full and they were just the unwanted windfalls.

'barrow full of windfalls

‘barrow full of windfalls

Despite the rumblings of a poor yeald we thankfully received nearly as many apples as in 2013. We also had more people attend too, with half being from the surrounding villages which we warmly welcomed, thankful for the extra hands and amenable company.

Having had several years experience now we quickly established the tried and tested production line system, with everyone helping out in exchange for a fair share of the spoils. Within a couple of hours we’d washed, chopped, mashed, pressed, bottled and cleaned up. Producing nearly two brown wheelie bins of pulp and around 40 litres of juice.

Thanks again to all who donated apples and their time to make another successful and fun juicing day. Not least to Betsy from WALGA for loan of the equipment for just a £10 charge. Why not try it yourself next year if you have a good enough harvest – cookers, eaters, windfalls or pears they all taste delicious.

Juicing production line

Juicing production line with many hands making light work