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Herb garden pathing nearing completion

After all the hard work, nearly there.

Progress on the Community Herb Garden in August has been very visible, with the brick path snaking its way through the three beds, freshly planted out with a great variety of herbs. The work has all been done by enthusiastic volunteers (12 this month!). Bricks and wood and plants and even the earth to fill the beds have all been donated by supporters.

A true community effort – many thanks to all those who have donated their time, brains and resources to make this possible for all the enjoy.

The next work party is Saturday 8th September at 10:30 am.

The Welcome Pack, produced by the Group (with Boyton Parish Council) has been distributed to every household in Boyton. If you would like something similar for your village, contact Andy Cassy on 411720 to discuss how it was done. Residents are invited to amend or add to the pack to keep it completely up to date: (contact Andy).

Our AGM marked the end of our first year as a formally constituted association. The formal roles were ‘reshuffled’ in the elections. Gary Lowe stepped down after an amazingly successful year as Chair and took over from Brenda Williamson as Secretary. Brenda, who has done great work with all the paperwork, moved on to be Vice Chair. Our Treasurer, Richard Jesty (also Chair of Boyton Parish Council) having set the Group on a firm financial footing, handed over to Andy Cassy and I have become the new Chair.

We were lucky to have Nick Grimwood from Green Energy Felistowe – an expert in renewable power. He talked us through the options: wood burning stoves with a back boiler; photovoltaic (pv) panels (which generate electricity from sunlight); solar thermal systems (which use the heat of the sun to generate hot water); ground- or air-source heat pumps (which use clever technology to extract heat from the ground or the air, to provide hot water even in really cold weather) and a new, efficient type of boiler powered by wood pellets. For information please contact Gary Lowe, 411203.

Boyton Inn at the Village Hall is on Saturday 15th September from 7:30 pm – bring your own drink and food to share – win the silver spoon trophy for dish of the month. We have a BeachWatch work party being planned too.

And finally our next monthly meeting will be at Chesterfield Lodge is on Saturday 29th September – from 10 am. Do come along and help decide what the Group does next!

John Carpmael

PS – we’d love to hear from you if you attended the event or have any photos to add to our library on Facebook


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